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Tamora Pierce


New Books

The third and final book of the trilogy is Mastiff, formerly titled Elkhound. It was released October 25, 2011. An excerpt from Mastiff is included in Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales. After a devastating attack at the summer palace, Beka is assigned to recapture what was stolen, but a traitor will make the quest difficult.



Who is Tamora Pierce?

Tamora Pierce is an author of six book series and over twenty-two books and she is still writing today!

Pierce was born in South Connellsville, Pennsylvania in Fayette County, on December 13, 1954. Her mother wanted to name her "Tamara" but the nurse who filled out her birth certificate misspelled it as "Tamora". When she was five her sister Kimberly (whom she based Alanna on) was born and a year later her second sister, Melanie, was born. She began reading when she was very young and started writing at about 6 years old. Her interest in fantasy and science fiction began when she was introduced to J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, and so she started to write the kind of books that she was reading. she spent two years at Albert Gallatin Senior High. When her family moved again, she spent her senior year at Uniontown Area Senior High School, acting, singing, and writing for the school paper.

While at the University of Pennsylvania she wrote the books that became The Song of the Lioness quartet. The first book of this quartet is Alanna: The First Adventure (available at your school library)


Want to read more? Go to: Tamora Pierce



About the books

Song of the Lioness Quartet

The basic plot is that Alanna of Trebond is unwilling to go to the ladies school that her distant and cold farther what’s to send her to. Throughout

ancient daemons. this book series it tells of her adventures as a knight in training and the many hardships she faces traitors trying to claim the crown fighting 

The Immortals

This story is about Veralidaine (Daine) Sarrasri who was orphaned when raiders attacked her village. Daine has an unusual (and extremely strong) gift of wild magic which is mistaken as insanity because she is unable to control it . Though convinced she has no magical Gift, it is discovered that she has 'wild magic' - a magic that is not uncommon, but for some reason is a disregarded branch of magic. What is rare is the amount of it that Daine possesses, and what she is able to do with it. This magic gives her a unique connection with animals. Her abilities manifest gradually throughout the series, allowing her first to speak with animals, to heal their injuries and eventually to shape-shift into animal forms. The series covers a timespan of four years, following Daine as she learns to communicate with humans, animals and Immortals.


Protector of the Small

This story is of Keladry of Mindelan, the first girl to follow in Alanna's footsteps—legally and without disguise, after a law is passed allowing girls to try for knighthood. As she begins her training, Kel is constantly harassed, injured, plagued by doubters and put on probation by her training master, who thinks a girl will never succeed. Kel discovers the hazing of young pages and fights the bullies to put a stop to it. Kel makes memorable friends throughout the series, including the wry Nealan of Queenscove and Lord Raoul of Goldenlake, an old friend of Alanna's. She also meets some key enemies, including Joren of Stone Mountain, her fellow page. The series follows Kel's training and the first year of her knighthood, a timespan of nine years.


This duology (also known as Daughter of the Lioness) is actually as long as the earlier quartets, because these books are about twice the length of the earlier works. Pierce explained that the success of the Harry Potter books finally showed publishers that young readers will read big books.

The duology is the story of Alianne (Aly) of Pirate's Swoop, the 16-year-old daughter of the legendary Alanna the Lioness. Disallowed work as a Tortallan spy by her parents, Aly leaves home only to be captured by pirates and sold into slavery in the Copper Isles. Under the guidance of Kyprioth, the god of tricksters, Aly involves herself with a conspiracy of the native raka people against their luarin conquerors, in accordance with a prophecy made by Kyprioth himself through one of his priestesses, centuries earlier. The duology covers a timespan of two years. Aly is a much different person from her mother, saying of herself, “Why, I’m just as true and honest as dirt. And I’m even more charming than dirt.”

Beka Cooper


This trilogy is set in the realm of Tortall, 200 years before Alanna: The First Adventure. The first book in the series, Terrier, was released on October 24, 2006.

George Cooper is a young boy, six years of age, who is caught stealing. His ashamed mother then tells him about his famous ancestress, named Rebakah Cooper. "Beka" Cooper is a trainee for the Provost's Guard, which is Tortall's equivalent of a police force. In those days, they were called "Dogs" and trainees were known as "Puppies," both of whom were stationed at "Kennels" (this was where the term "Provost's Dog" came from).

The first book in the new trilogy, Terrier, concerns Beka's first months as a Puppy. All of Pierce's previous books were written in the third person, but this series is told from a diary-style first person perspective. Beka's entries detail how hard she works to try to make her home, the Lower City of Corus, safer.

Beka's roots in the Lower City give her both a keen insight and a sense of empathy for the people she is there to protect. Beka is referred to as a "Terrier" for her youth and dogged determination despite her size.

The second book in this trilogy, Bloodhound, was released on April 14, 2009. Here, we follow Beka to Port Caynn, where a secretive ring of cole-mongers threatens to destroy the country.


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